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We purchased a Toyota Prius from Piercey Toyota in Milpitas. We wanted what is known as a "package 6" which has everything. There was only one on the lot which was white. Having had several white cars in the past we wanted a different color. The sales department looked all over for one in another color for us. They finally said they had the show room model, but it was without the leather seats and GPS system. They said we could pay to up date and they would add. We had emphatically stated it must be a "package 6" so were under the impression this would be that once the seats and GPS system were installed.

When we took posession of the car we discovered that the automatic opening feature was not present. This was late at night on Saturday, around 8 p.m.,and the salesman said oh its not on this car. We called on Monday to get this straightened out and basically were told you bought the got it! There was nothing we could do. I needed the security and safety of the automatic opening feature due to my line of work. I get into my vehicle late at night in areas that are not always the safest. As an older woman, I am not able to protect myself as well as a younger person. I was so disappointed to lear that we were paying the same price for this vehicle as we would have for one with a "package 6". In fact disappointed is not the word, furious is more like it.

To sum it up, Piercy Toyota lied to us. They just wanted to sell a car and it doesn't matter what they tell the buyer as long as they sell the car. Now we are stuck with a vehicle that is below the standards we requested, for the same price, and my life/safety are in jeopardy!

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